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First let me start by thanking you so much for your interest in Man-Up: The Exploration of a Fatherless Nation. This documentary is nothing more than a call-to-action by one woman who is watching helplessly as her daughter is caught in the throws of this merciless disease -- I like to call fatherlessness. My baby, Skylar Victoria is four and half years old and she does not know her father. I sink to a new low every time my child asks me, "Mommy where is my daddy, and why doesn't he come to see me?" I have always despised the vicious cycle of fatherlessness, but never did I think that a child of mine would fall victim to it. I have tried tirelessly to communicate to Skylar's father just how important it is for him to play an active role in our daughter's life, and the harder I try the more my words fall on deaf ears. Well, I felt like I could do more. If Skylar's father won't hear me, maybe I should speak a little bit louder. Then I thought maybe I should shout a little louder, and then I thought, hell, maybe I should scream loud enough so that I speak for every child who is fatherless and not just my baby. Thus, the documentary "Man-Up: The Exploration of a Fatherless Nation" was born.


The sole purpose of Man-Up: The Documentary is to shed light on a problem plaguing our society that is so detrimental to the very core of our existence. Fatherlessness is a crippling disease that will only further cement itself into the moral fabric of our consciousness, unless we tackle it head-on and explore its cause and effects. We must work together in search of a viable solution!
- Tonia Grady, Executive Producer/Director

"Fatherlessness results in being untethered, unhinged, untrained, undisciplined, unbonded and unfocused on the essential ingredients of life involving body, soul and spirit."

- Dr. Ronald E. Johnson CEO and Chairman of the Board of Paradigm Accelerated Charter School

"The deteriorating condition of children - ranging from violent boys and promiscuous girls to abused children of both sexes - has a become a regular feature of the daily news. The linkage of these now-familiar conditions to Fatherlessness is empirically verified by a voluminous body of social and behavioral research."

- Professor David Popenoe: "Life Without Father"